JFA Process and Timeline

How a typical process with JustForumAccess works:

1.  Parties agree to resolve disputes using JFA.

2.  If a dispute cannot be resolved amicably, one of the parties to the dispute (the Claimant) logs in and files a demand for Arbitration with JFA, which includes contact information for the other party (the Respondent).

3.  JFA assigns a case number and email access is provided to each Party.

4.  JFA sends a notice to the other Party, and informs it that it needs to complete a questionnaire online (or JFA sends each Party a confidential questionnaire).

5.  Each Party completes its questionnaire and attaches all relevant documentation, including, copies of any agreements in dispute.

6.  If requested, within 10 days from the notice of filing of a demand for Arbitration, JFA shall refer a Representative for that Party. Otherwise, counsel for that party shall enter its appearance.

7.  The questionnaire shall be separately completed by each Party within 30 days of the filing of the request for Arbitration. (It is confidential and not provided to the other party or to the Arbitrator.)

8.  Each Representative, shall receive a copy of the completed questionnaire of the Party he or she represents.

9.  The Arbitrator shall be selected and assigned by JFA.

10.  Each Representative and Arbitrator shall receive an email account to use in the proceeding.

11.  At any time after Representatives are assigned or have filed a notice of appearance and prior to the close of a 30 day period commencing with the filing of the final responsive pleading in the matter, each Party may suggest to the Arbitrator up to:

•  A total of 30 questions and/or requests for admissions, including subparts, requiring written responses.

•  30 requests for different categories of documents, including e-discovery requests

to pose to or request of the other Party.

12.  The Arbitrator shall promptly determine what questions and requests to allow.

13.  Discovery responses are due within 10 days of the approval of each question and request by the Arbitrator.

14.  The Representative for the Claimant works with the Claimant and within 30 days of the questionnaire having been completed by the Claimant, the Representative for the Claimant files a demand, which may contain one or more claims.

15.  Each Party pays JFA a Base fee determined in accordance with the rules, which is based on the amount in dispute and the claims set out in the demand.

16.  Within 30 days from the time the demand is filed, the Respondent must file its reply to the Demand filed by the Claimant.

17.  The Respondent may also file one or more counterclaims and affirmative defenses.

18.  Each Party pays JFA an increase in fees determined in accordance with the rules as a result of the filing of any counterclaims or affirmative defenses.

19.  Each Party must make an Offer of Settlement, including the terms of settlement, to the other Party, with a copy to JFA, within 10 days of filing of the first Reply. (This is not shared with the Arbitrator before the issuance of a Final Award.)

20.  Within 30 days of filing the Counterclaim, the Claimant must file its reply to each Counterclaim including any affirmative defenses, thereto.

21.  Within 60 days of the filing of the last responsive pleading, each Party must file its statement of the case and brief in support of its claims, affirmative defenses, counterclaims and defenses.

22.  Reply briefs are due within 10 days of filing the statements of the case.

23.  The Arbitrator issues a final Award within 30 days of the filing of the last statements of the case.


Arbitration Process