JFA Goals

Our service is dedicated to removing the barriers of excessive fees and delay to obtaining a just and final resolution of disputes. This system provides incentives to encourage parties to keep it simple, limit the number of claims, and make realistic demands. This in itself reduces complexity and lends itself to reasonableness and fair settlements. 

The JFA system is designed to accomplish this by:

  • Simplifying the Process and Proceedures


    No interlocutory motions, focused discovery and no in-person proceedings. 

  • Reducing the Time to Obtain a Final Decision to 6 Months

    Reducing overall cost in achieving faster decisions.

  • Fairly Resolving disputes


    All Arbitrators are experienced lawyers who are required to resolve each dispute fairly, and on the merits, in accordance with the law, with a written and reasoned decision in months, not years, which decisions are subject to review.

  • Requiring Parties to Attempt to Amicably Settle and Resolve their Disputes


    Each party is required to make an offer to settle the dispute and, in order to avoid paying the other Party’s fees, is incented to make a reasonable offer.

  • Minimizing Surprises and Hidden Costs


    All JFA fees and all costs for JFA provided Representatives are set. This system  reduces the internal staff time required for preparation of court filings and losses that may stem from delaying business decisions while you await a decision.

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