Answers to frequently asked questions concerning the JustForumAccess process, pricing and services can be found below. Please select a question to expand.

General Questions

  • Is the final award binding?

    Yes and can be entered as a judgment by a court of law.

  • What types of cases cannot be brought before JFA?

    A minority of civil disputes may not lend themselves to this methodology or require in depth discovery, live testimony, lawyers with specialized training or the power of a court of law for enforcement. Therefore, the following types of matters do not come within the scope of and are not to be resolved by JFA: a) Matters involving Tax laws; b) Claims for personal injuries or emotional distress; c) Bankruptcy cases; d) Patent matters; e) Matters involving domestic relations, probate laws and alimony and support agreements; f) Contracts for the purchase and sale of Real Property, leases and laws applicable to Real Property; g) Matters in which a party seeks preliminary or permanent injunctive relief, other than specific performance, reformation or rectification; h) Antitrust matters; and i) Unless waived: i. matters not involving all Persons who should properly be bound by a final decision; and, ii. all issues requiring the determination of laws of jurisdictions outside the United States, its Territories and Commonwealths. These excluded matters are to resolved by AAA in accordance with the AAA Rules amended to eliminate some of the problems associated with traditional arbitration, including requiring a written and reasoned decision setting out findings of fact and conclusions of law, the ability to have a decision reviewed and awarding fees and costs to the more reasonable of the parties.

  • Why use JFA?

    JFA is very cost effective, while no cost savings can be guaranteed or proven, if JFA referred counsel or in-house counsel are used the general goal of JFA is to significantly reduce the costs to finally resolve a dispute compared to the costs of trying a case in Court. See Pricing Page. JFA encourages reasonable settlements. If not settled, the matter is resolved within 180 days. If JFA referred attorneys are used, their fees and all JFA costs and fees are capped. In-house counsel can effectively represent their clients without the need to use outside counsel. By simply agreeing to use the JFA system to resolve commercial disputes, the parties will understand that cost or time barriers, which might deter enforcement by the party in the right, have either been eliminated or substantially reduced. Therefore, compliance with agreements specifying JFA arbitration to resolve disputes, should increase.